Upper Secondary Lessons

Upper Secondary

The preparation for O level (or for IP end of year exams)

O level examinations is a critical step in a student's journey to his/her choice Polytechnic course or JC. 

This is where Eton is able to help.
Over the years, 100% of our students scored As and Bs for the examinations. This is not by coincidence but by design. With proper hard work, As and Bs are easily achievable. 

O Level Elementary Maths

O Level Additional Maths

E Maths and A Maths tuition lessons at Eton train students to apply a systematic approach to solving questions. The teaching approach in our tuition lessons is as follows:

  • Define the mathematical problem - it is not just blind introduction of formulas (which some educators do), but identifying the key concepts relevant to the mathematical problem.
  • Guide students through a systematic 5 - step thinking process to solving questions to effectively apply formulas to questions.
  • Systematic and objective to approach questions of varying levels of difficulty.
  • Familiarisation of different question patterns - instead of doing assessment books consisting of random question compilations, with a flickering hope that what is being examined is covered.
  • Assessment checks and progression analysis

O Level Chemistry (Pure/Combined)

O Level Physics (Pure/Combined)

Chemistry and Physics tuition lessons at Eton focus heavily on conceptual introduction and understanding, as well as the answering techniques in exams, including:

  • MCQ answering techniques: technique of elimination, identifying distractors and common examiners tricks, and careless mistakes checking skills.
  • Paper 2 computation questions: how to present answers properly according to what marking schemes want, in a logical flow.
  • Paper 2 explanation questions: how to mentally prepare answers using key ideas, and weave them together into a coherent answers that markers give marks for.
  • Paper 3 Practical: understanding when to use significant figures or precision decimals, and how to properly structure an answer for the planning segment (5% of the exams) of the practical. 

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