Hear from our past students!


Edgefield Sec, 2018

​I would like to take some time to show appreciation to Mr Jack Chew for his effort in helping me as well as all his students to excel in Additional Mathematics. I started off at Eton tuition centre when I was in Secondary four, with a grade of C5.

Mr Chew is very responsible teacher. He not only took initiatives to understand the topics we are struggling at but also took the effort to track our weekly progress in school (eg. quizzes, class tests, etc). Mr Chew is also an approachable teacher. He is more than willing to stay back to explain the questions we could not solve and allows us to raise questions in between lesson time to clear our doubts. He also allows us to contact him regarding any math related questions even after lesson time.

Furthermore, being an experienced teacher, his lessons were always productive especially towards the O’level. He would show us the new trend questions from different topics as we goes along with our revision. He would also show us the different ways of solving and analysing a complicated math question. To push us further, he would give us different sets of papers from different high schools. From there, I had a greater exposure to the different kinds of questions that are in syllabus and I’m able to prepare myself better for the national examination.

Eton tuition centre focuses on all the needs of the students and allows the students to master the strategies to score. I am thankful for Mr Chew’s help, which eventually led me to an A1 in my recent O’level.


Edgefield Sec, 2018

I would like to commend Mr Tan Jun Wei for his conscientious effort in helping all his students to strive for excellence. I joined Mr Tan’s physics lesson in the beginning of 2018 with a borderline grade. It is extremely hard for me to understand the concept. However, after one to two terms, I can gradually see myself improving in terms of grades.

Being an experienced teacher, his worksheets allow him to spot and target the weaknesses of the students. Moreover, the worksheets are often designed in a way that guided our thinking process, which allows me to score better for my structured essay questions. Mr Tan is also able to come up with his own questions to test our understanding of certain topics. Even when we are pressed for time when it's nearer to our O’level, he would still set aside time for intensive lessons and continue to pace us by giving local and overseas test papers. These helped us to be more prepared for our major examination and expose ourselves to more different types of questions before the national examination.

Mr Tan is a very patient teacher. Despite joining at a very late stage, he is still very patient in guiding me through my Secondary Three topics, which I’m mostly weak in. He is also willing to explain the same question continuously just to ensure that we understand it. Mr Tan is also very dedicated to his work. He is able to stay up late for us to answer all our doubts even directly before the examination. His explanations are also very clear and his main priority is always to ensure that we understand.

Lastly, I’m sincerely grateful for his help, which eventually led me to an A2 in my recent O’level. He taught us well and had definitely helped me to master the strategies to score.

Rick Chua

Sengkang Sec, 2018

Mr. Jack Chew’s flexible and interesting teaching style and his enthusiasm about teaching
impressed me. In class, he could always explain some abstract accounting concepts or mathematical theories to us in simple words by making use of examples in daily life, and his great sense of humor. Mr. Jack had made learning more enjoyable, engaging and effective.

Mr. Jack Chew is an experienced educator who would arrange all kinds of different academic
activities for students. For example , I could participate in a group project on topics of financial statements in the first semester of Secondary 3 Level, and I have gone through self-reflection sessions after some major school examinations. These not only drive me to excel academically but also to develop at a personal level to be more independent and productive.

Jin Wei

Maris Stella High School, 2018

Hello Jack, thank you very much! Jinwei's result has improved significantly with your guidance, I feel I m so lucky n blessed to have you to coach him in the most critical time and I hope you can continue to guide him for JC... Many thanks to you Jack.

-- Jin Wei's mum

Note: Jin Wei improved from D7 to A2 with extreme hard work on his part.

Xin Yu, Anna, and Megan

Cedar Girls' School, 2018

All three girls scored As in their end of year exams.


Maris Stella High School, 2018

Jevan improved from a D7 to an A1 over a year.


Hougang Sec, 2017

From Mother of Danielle:

Physics was not my daughter's favourite subject. Tuition for a subject she was not going to be studying in the polytechnic was the last thing on her mind. However, you persuaded me to bring her, and see what you can do to borderline-pass student, who had more than enough on her hands. So I did. It took only that 1 time to ignite the fire in her to ask me to bring her every week and even pay with her own savings. That all started sometime in August last year, 3 short months before the exams. Yesterday, when she got her results, it surprised us that she actually got a B3 even higher than her favourite Chemistry. Thank you! For being a great tutor! May you bring more love for physics to more students like my little one.

Jessie Ng

Edgefield Sec, 2017

I had always hated Physics as a subject in secondary school due to the many calculations using the various formulas as well as the concepts that I found really difficult to relate to. Physics became a major setback to my grade as I took combined science so no matter how well I scored for Chemistry, the overall grade would not be good if I did badly for Physics. I always failed or borderline passed my Physics paper, which caused me to always score a B4 or C5.

My perspective of Physics changed for the better after attending Mr Tan’s lessons and my grade improved a lot. Though he specializes in mainly pure Physics and there were some differences between the 2 topics of pure and combined Physics, he took the effort to find out how he could better understand my problems. He did so by looking through my examination papers and prepared extra worksheets on certain topics that he found that I was especially weak in. Whenever I had upcoming quizzes or exam, he would prepare other school exam papers and look through them and give me feedback in the next lesson.

I was always afraid of answering long structured questions due to my inability to answer them properly as I would miss out certain important key components, resulting in the loss of a lot of marks. However, Mr Tan helped me to overcome my fear by spending extra time coaching me in the strategies of answering such questions and always got me to practice on more long structured questions.

Mr Tan’s passion in Physics also allowed me to better understand the application of concepts where he would always share with me about different real life problems that required the different concepts in Physics. He also published Explain That! book, and that helped me tremendously in exams where it has various application questions that are never seen in the Ten-Year-Series. It was very effective as there was a Chemistry component as well so it clarified my doubts not only in Physics but in Chemistry as well. If not for Mr Tan’s help, I would not have scored A1 in my O levels.

Jessie Ng

Edgefield Sec, 2017

My Maths grade was usually quite unstable in secondary school so I started lessons to help cope with the subject better. I was scoring either a B4 or C5 but after attending Mr Jack’s lessons, my grade started to improve. He would prepare certain questions for us to try out from different school papers to ensure that we understood the concept of those questions.

When I had difficulties solving questions in examination papers given by my school, Mr Jack would take the effort to guide me into the thinking process without directly giving me the answer, allowing me to learn as I attempt to derive the solution on my own. His unique teaching method helped me to understand that Math is not only about finding the answer but the thinking process and concepts are equally important as well.

After we received back our exam papers, Mr Jack will also take the time to go through the doubts faced in each of our papers and let the other students try to attempt the questions. This allows for more exposure to questions that may not appear in assessment books and also clarifies the doubts that other students may face when attempting the same question.

Even though I was only attending Maths lessons at that time, Mr Jack was really caring to ask about how I was doing in Additional Mathematics which I was starting to do quite badly in, where I scored D7 in my exams. As he saw that my Maths grade has stabilized, he decided to let me to attend Additional Mathematics classes as well. Particularly, I was facing difficulties with integration and trigonometry so he explained it to me thoroughly and let me practice on questions so that I could better grasp the topic.

Each lesson was a clear agenda on which chapter he was going to go through which was quite effective as we could prepare any doubts to ask we had before lesson. After a few months of attending classes, fruitful results were obtained as seen from my O levels where I scored A2 in Maths and B3 in Additional Mathematics.

Bill Kirankumar

St Joseph Instituition, 2017

Previously, I was unsure of what exactly Physics questions were asking and was not able to comprehend the requirements of questions properly. Thus, I would always write my answers beyond what was necessary. This was a huge drawback as I was wasting a lot of time during my examinations. Mr Tan's worksheets on explanation questions guided me and the other students on how to properly breakdown a question. There was a step-by-step guiding process which guided us through an analytical process where we identify the key ideas, then connect them to come up with an answer which is consistent and clear. After Mr Tan taught us this method, it proved very useful in terms of clearer thought process and presentation. I have saved a lot of time and effort ever since.

Mr Tan would often state real life examples and would explain the physics behind it. Thus, it really made us more interested in the subject and made us analyze deeply about how physics plays a role in our everyday life. Thus during O Levels, when we face unconventional problems we are able to relate to questions properly. Every class was memorable as it was very interesting. I had the eagerness to learn something new when attending each lesson and Mr Tan without fail would try his very best to share his knowledge with us.

Mr Tan was very eager to teach us and was very forthcoming in terms of offering his help. This really motivated me to study harder and made me a better student. I would definitely recommend my friends to Eton as it provides a very favourable condition to learn and grow.

Note: Bill scored A1 for Physics

Bill Kirankumar

St Joseph Instituition, 2017

Although I understood the chemistry concepts well, I was unable to relate them to the questions properly. Thus, Section C was a huge problem for me where I have to relate the concepts learnt with the questions. Mr Arnold Tan gave us a lot of practice on Section C and he went through Section C questions in great detail. He was very clear in explaining concepts and was able to guide us effectively throughout the questions. Furthermore, he also shared common mistakes and misconceptions which helped us to be more cautious when attending similar questions.

My first few encounters with Mr Tan were really memorable. After my physics tuition, I went to Mr Arnold Tan to ask about a few tips on studying chemistry effectively. He spent a lot of time advising me and even gave me chemistry notes even though I was not in his class. Moreover, I would clarify chemistry doubts with him before my physics class. It made me realise about how passionate he was about teaching and the great interest he took in sharing his knowledge. That was when I found out that I had found the perfect chemistry tutor and soon I joined his chemistry class. This was very memorable and I was really moved by his dedication.

Before I joined Eton Chemistry tuition, I was unsure about what the question was asking and would always write extra. Furthermore, I present my answer in a very messy manner and my answers were very unclear. To solve this problem of mine, Mr Arnold Tan would write the points in bullet points beside my answers when marking. This made it easier for me to understand the requirements of the question and thus, come with more precise answers in the future. Moreover, the classes were very interactive and involved a lot of analysis during question review.

I would definitely recommend Eton to my friends and in fact have already passed Eton’s number to a few people.

Note: Bill scored A1 for Chemistry as well

Wang Zhuoyu

Monfort Sec, 2017

Mr. Jack Chew is one of the most responsible teacher I have encountered in my study career. He is a dedicated educator. He puts a lot of effort into preparing and planning lessons. He seeks feedbacks from students and encourages us to ask questions whenever in doubt. He is knowledgeable and he promotes lifelong learning styles which inspired me to be a keen learner and explore what I am passionate about.

Mr. Jack possesses expert teaching skills , expertise in both mathematics and principles of accounts. He taught us with great clarity and confidence.With the professional teaching and guidance of Mr. Jack ,I have improved my A-maths and POA grades tremendously and attained distinctions in both subjects of additional mathematics and principles of accounts for the most recent GCE O Level Examinations.

Zheng Xuan

Meridian JC, 2017

Got to know Eton tuition centre from friend recommendations. Decided to join firstly because I wasn't doing too well in physics, the tutor seemed really knowledgeable and that it's near my house.

Major challenges I faced include interpreting questions and applying the right formulas for the different questions. The lessons were beneficial with the right amount of practices, reasonable pace of lessons and most importantly the tutor really knows his stuff and participates actively in our discussions open to new workings. There're comprehensive notes and summary. I would recommend them to join.

Yan Kai

Meridian JC, 2017

I have often lost marks due to poor presentation of answers, and this made me unable to score the grades I really wanted. 

Mr Tan noted my weaknesses and even stayed back after lessons to personally tutor and clarify all of my doubts. 

Extra resources with carefully picked questions were given with the objective to build our foundations in the different topics. Certain worksheets were also done in class under timed conditions to train our speed in answering questions. 

With his help I was able to secure my dream A in my A levels. Definitely recommended!


Xinmin Sec, 2016

Mr Tan is a very dedicated and committed teacher. He makes sure we are very clear of every concept, and even ensures that we have consistent practises, and revision on every concept. He focuses on our weak topics, and work on them to help us do even better.

When I first joined his physics classes, I was failing my physics (F9). With Mr Tan's guidance, I managed to score a B3 in my final O level examinations. He is a very dedicated and caring teacher that is willing to go all out for his students.

Kai Jian

Meridian JC, 2016

Mr Tan is a very passionate and caring tutor. He has made physics into a very interesting subject which subsequently made me develop an interest in physics. He knows how to relate physics into real-life situations which help to generate your interest. The assignments prepared are also extremely relevant and effective in helping me to gain confidence in this subject which made me achieve an A for H2 physics from a D grade.


Nanyang JC, 2017

Mr Tan is very knowledgeable in the field of physics, I was able to benefit greatly under his guidance. He is able to explain all required physics concepts fluently and can expertly break down the harder concepts such that it is easier for students to understand. Additionally, Mr Tan is also very responsive to messages sent to him by students, he was able to help me out many times by replying to my questions online and also included diagrams and drawings for my understanding.


Crescent Girls Sch, 2016

Mr Tan is a very passionate, dedicated and innovative teacher. He constantly searches for various means to impart not just knowledge but also the passion for Physics. From building his own model of an A.C circuit to help us visualise Flemming’s laws, to buying suction pads to explain to us how pressure works, to incorporating physics theories into our daily lives. With Mr Tan’s teaching methods, not only did Physics become much simpler to understand, but I also came to realise how everything in our life is interestingly intertwined with Physics. Under Mr Tan’s guidance, I managed to leap from an E8 grade in mid of sec 3 to an A1 for O levels in sec 4.


Xinmin Sec, 2016

Mr Tan is a very knowledgeable teacher who helps students better understand physics concept through clear explanations and relatable examples. When I first came into the class I was scoring E8 for physics and have very little understanding of the subject. He prepared me for my O levels by giving papers that test my concepts. Through mistakes and detailed explanations, I gained more physics knowledge. I also enjoyed myself in his classes which were entertaining. I managed to secure an A2 for my O level pure physics and am very lucky to have mr tan as a physics tutor. Thank your Mr Tan!


Gan Eng Seng Sec, 2016

Before I joined Mr Tan's class at Eton Education, I got a D7 for my Physics. I attended his class for only a short period of 5 months and I achieved a A1 for my O Levels! Mr Tan clarified my concepts especially for my weaker topics and emphasized what is important and needed to be taken note of in each chapter of the Physics syllabus. He taught the lessons in a concise way and always made sure to inform the students to take note of common errors that many students made. He also shared some real life examples of physics in his daily life such as how physics can be applied at home. I learnt to take note of my common mistakes under his guidance and also clarified my understanding of key concepts.

Mr Tan is patient and friendly as a tutor. I appreciate his guidance and help!


Anderson JC, 2015

Many have the misperception that tuition centres have only one function - and that is to boost the grades of tutees to achieve that ever-elusive 'A' grade. Of course, providing tutees with both essential and additional materials as well as conducting intensive drilling sessions are hallmarks of an effective centre. However, Eton Tuition Centre is far more than that. Besides preparing uniquely tailored worksheets that focus on the common mistakes that students tend to fumble over, they boast a team of professional and dedicated tutors who truly cater to the individual needs of us tutees. Having received 2 years of guidance from Mr Tan, I can guarantee that the spirit of excellence and the passion for teaching is what drives this centre forward. It is important to grasp fundamental concepts when it comes to Mathematics, but it is equally important to have the confidence to face challenging problems - and this is what Eton Tuition Centre has given me. Plus, the lessons are always light-hearted as Mr Tan sometimes shares his personal experiences with us. So if you thought Math lessons couldn't possibly be enjoyable, you're missing out.

Tan Hui Xian

Edgefield Sec, 2014

I find the physics tuition enjoyable and enriching. It did help me as before coming to Eton, I was honestly struggling with the subject not understanding much on how to answer the application questions especially. I joined Eton in sec 4, August 2014, and after I went into Eton, I started to slowly understand the concepts and know better how to apply for the application questions. Eventually I scored B3 for the O level. Thank you!

Guan Hui 

Sengkang Sec, 2015

Mr Tan is a very hardworking and dedicated tutor. He ensures that all of us clear our doubts and always wants to strive us to achieve A1.

Though I didn't get Mr Tan's expected A1 for my physics, I feel very fortunate with him helping me to improve my Physics and gain additional Physics knowledge outside our textbook. He gave us the impression that Physics can be a fun subject.

Thank you! That B3 still helps 🙂


Anderson Sec, 2015

Hello Mr Leo

Thank you for teaching me for the past 2 years which enabled me to get A1 for both E and A Maths! Your math drills and time trials helped improve my speed and sharpen my thinking! Im now able to get into my dream JC! Thank you so much!!

Yun Ting

Xinmin Sec, 2014

Mr Tan is a dedicated and professional tutor. When I first joined Eton in June 2014, I was very weak in my physics and getting a D7 throughout.

However, he encouraged me to work hard through constant practice of common O-Level questions. He also encouraged students to ask him questions after class and made sure to clarify all our doubts. Thanks to his dedication and humourous lessons, I am glad to have achieved a B3 for my O-Level Physics. Thank you Mr Tan and Eton for your help!

Ng Chu Ning

Serangoon JC, 2014

Before joining Mr Wee’s Maths class at Eton Tuition Centre, I was worried that the teacher would not be able to meet the needs of all the students since it was a group tuition. However, it was not
the case at all. Mr Wee will always go to each student and asked, if we needed any help. He would also collect back our worksheets to mark, wrote comments and advices which I find it very useful. We learnt
much from his comments written on the marked worksheets.”

Vanessa Chua

Serangoon JC, 2014

I found the worksheets given very good and useful. The comments written on the worksheets when the teachers marked my paper were very useful and help to improve my understanding and eventually my grades.

Lim Jin Jin

Nan Chiau High, 2014

Results started to improve (I can really see the improvements!) and I
can cope with Maths in school better. The worksheets given are also sufficient and the markings and comments on our presentation
are very detailed so that I can improve better.

Trishia Teo

Nan Chiau High, 2014

I started lessons worrying about the improvements I can make since I have been doing badly persistently in school... I am impressed by the effort that Mr Yong put in to checking and marking our work and presentation to the finest details.

Poon Shu Qi

Anderson Sec, 2014

I am extremely thankful for Mr Yong’s dedication in making sure that our skills and presentation are well polished and good enough to sit for examinations. His patience and humorous character keeps us looking forward to his lesson at all times.

Ci En

CHIJ St Nicks, 2013

Hi! This is Cien 🙂

Thank you thank you Mr Tan for making Physics such an easy to understand subject! I'm really glad to achieve a distinction for Physics despite a C6 for prelims!! Thanks once again, Mr Tan!"

Xu Ning Zhen

Meridian JC, 2014

Mr Wee has a lot of experience in teaching and would always point out similar question patterns we can look out for in our A-Level examinations past year papers.

Learning at Eton certainly helped brushed up my skills and Maths concepts. Thank you for all the guidance!

Poon Shu Qi

Anderson Sec, 2014

Hi Mr Tan! I’d just like to express my gratitude to you for teaching me physics! (I actually improved from D7 in sec 3 SA2 to like an average of A2 in sec 4, so I’m really thankful T^T) I’m sorry I didn’t get your precious A1 though!!! >< Thankss a lot anws!!

Tay Yee Xuan

Nan Chiau High, 2014

Firstly, I'd like to thank all the caring tutors (Mr Yong Fook Meng, Mr Arnold Tan and Mr Tan Jun Wei) who had helped me achieve my A1s in Maths and Physics. The tutors are friendly and easy to get along with. They never fail to loosen the tense atmosphere in the classroom with their funny jokes. Sometimes, they would even share some life experiences with us, which makes the lessons more interesting. Such life examples are also useful in helping me better understand the subjects, especially Physics. The relatively small size of the class had enabled me to concentrate better and allowed me to have the courage to speak up in class. Never be afraid to clarify any doubts because the teachers, who are equipped with years of teaching experiences, will try their best to answer your questions. These teachers are also very familiar with the O Levels syllabus and often expose us to many different types of questions. The TYS were fully utilised and gone through as our Os approached.

All in all, I have no regrets in joining Eton tuition Centre. Special thanks to Uncle Rick and Auntie Jane. 


Anderson JC, 2013

Mr Wee is a very friendly and patient tutor.  He is very committed to clarifying the doubts I had during the lessons. The comments written by him on submitted assignments were very useful as reference in preparation for examinations. The questions and notes he prepared for the lessons have also been varied and sufficiently challenging. Thanks to Mr Wee and Eton tuition centre, my grades have improved tremendously.

Mr Wee teaches with commendable patience and clarity. He attunes his teaching style to suit every student. Also, he never fails to ensure that we have a good grasp of the concepts required before handing us practice questions of the related topic. Moreover, he is adept at spotting questions for the A level examinations to provide his students with some sort of leverage before the examination. All of these have definitely helped us in scoring our desired grades at the A levels. Thanks 🙂

Mr Wee is a patient and understanding teacher who helped me greatly in my H2 Maths subject. I scored U for almost every Maths exams or test due to weak understanding and lack of practice. I joined Mr Wee's tuition lesson in J2 and under his guide, I managed to struggle between J1's maths topics and new J2 topics being taught. He motivated and taught me how to solve different questions and thru different questions he exposes us to in his class. He also explain to me questions or concepts that I am unsure of. Although I did not do well in the subject, he does not give up teaching me but tried harder to teach me. In my A levels I got D for H2 Maths which was I would not have been able to achieve without Mr Wee's help. Thank you Mr Wee! 

Ellery Chia

Victoria JC, 2013

The teachers at Eton Tuition Centre are very passionate about their work. During the two years I spent at Eton, in every lesson, my tutors would never fail to teach me something new and correct my mistakes. They would always encourage us and did not mind spending some of their free time helping us with our learning. They were a source of support for me during my A level journey.

Having tuition at Eton definitely helped me go through my 2 years of JC much more smoothly. Mr Tan's enthusiasm and friendlyness accompanied with his different and effective methods of answering questions, certainly allowed me to be able to do better in Physics examinations. Mr Wee's understanding of Maths and his explanations helped me understand the different types of questions and how to go about doing them. I am grateful to all the help Eton Tuition Centre and my tutors have provided me, thank you!

Augustine Lee

Anglo-Chinese JC, 2013

I was always weak in Physics ever since in Secondary school. However thanks to Mr Tan, I was able to do better than I expected in both my O levels (A2) and A levels (B). I believe this is due to Mr Tan’s passion in Physics. He does his best to ensure that we understand the concepts and apply them correctly. For example, he collates all the definitions in the syllabus in so that it would be easier for us to refer when we do practice papers.

Also, he created a booklet that pinpoints the key information in each chapter and highlights things that we must memorize. It was a real treasure to me when I was studying for my exams. Mr Tan also allows us to contact him whenever we have any physics questions and he would always give a detailed explanation. In addition, we can consult him outside lesson time if we have any problems in physics which was very helpful to me as I had a lot of queries a few days before my physics papers. I have never seen a teacher with such a strong passion in physics other than Mr Tan. Thank you so much Mr Tan! ☺


Raffles JC, 2013

I was never entirely enthusiastic about Mathematics. However, under Mr Wee’s patient and enthusiastic guidance, I began to see the beauty in Mathematics. He recognised my potential and matched his teaching to my ability and learning pace, continually challenging me to do better. The resources, notes and tutelage that he provided gave me the confidence to face the A Levels and eventually obtain an A for Mathematics!


National JC, 2013

I joined Mr Tan's physics tuition class since i was sec 4. Throughout the 3 years under him, he has always been helpful in answering doubts I have with school work. This goes to the extend of staying back after tuition just to explain to me. He is patient in explaining physics concepts and attempts to use different methods to explain if i didn't get it the first time round. Mr Tan also provides his own notes which is much more concise than what schools give.

Yun Shan

YCK Sec, 2013

Dear Mr Rick, 谢谢你! Thanks for always giving me advice whenever I needed help. You are always giving me suggestions and I appreciate them a lot!

Even though I joined Eton for less than a year, it has helped me improved my grades so much. Thanks for always supporting me and not giving up on me once and I believe this tuition centre will become more famous with these awesome tutors.

See you soon and all the best. Good luck!


Catholic JC, 2013

Hi Mr Tan, I just wanted to tell you that I have decided to study electrical engineering at NUS.

Just wanted to say thank you for being such an awesome teacher and your influence has played a role in deciding which course I wanted to take.

Anyway, all the best and I will try to recommend juniors I know to you.

Wan Xin

Hougang Sec, 2013
Top Student of School

I am really glad that I have joined Eton for my math tuition. As you know, my math was real bad during my lower sec days and I never dreamt that I can achieve distinction for both E maths and A maths for my O level, let alone being the top student of my school. Thank you!

Yun Shan

YCK Sec, 2013

Dear Mr Yong, A very big thank you to you for helping me in my studies especially my A Math. Although I have always scored a F9 for my A Math, you didnt give up on me or lose your temper before but continue to teach me patiently.

Through your hard work and efforts, I have gotten a B3 for my O Level despite failing my A Math during my prelims. Even though it is not the best result, I am already very happy and satisfied. I am truthfully thankful to you and the tuition centre for guiding me through this path. You are the best tuition teacher Ive ever had. Stay cheerful always and all the best for everything!  谢谢你!

Lee Cheng

Victoria JC, 2013

Mr Wee is a very caring and hardworking teacher. He comes into class earlier and leaves later so that we can ask questions pertaining to other topics. He is also very meticulous in his marking, making sure to check every piece of our work and making sure that our presentation is correct. He constantly seeks for more sources to expose us to a greater variety of questions and also searches for more effective ways of solving questions. Not only showing concern towards our school work, he also makes sure that we stay healthy by reminding us to drink more water and giving us lozenges when any of us starts coughing.

Lee Cheng

Victoria JC, 2013

Mr Tan has been a really great teacher. His passion and love for physics greatly shows and made the subject less daunting to me. He is very dedicated in his teaching, often taking out time to give us extra lessons and consultation whenever we require it. He also often seeks to improve his methods of teaching so that we will learn better, coming up with smartphone apps and consolidating his notes so that it will be easier for us to revise. It wouldnt be possible to get my A for H2 Physics at the A levels without his help. 

Lim Shao Hern

Serangoon JC, 2011

Thank you for teaching me maths for 1 and a half years! I must say it was really enjoyable and enriching, you are always able to simplify the problems and clear my doubts. Your teaching method is commendable because you do not go for extremely difficult questions, instead you chose thought-provoking yet conceptual questions that would really test if our foundation is there, if not you would go through the basics again and strengthen our groundwork. This type of teaching is effective(at least from what i feel) and definitely praiseworthy. Even though i am from a slightly inferior school and was quite lagging behind the rest, you do not make me feel pressurize and out of place. You are clear and concise with your explanation and are patient enough to repeat parts that i still did not get it. Anyhow, at least your efforts have not gone to waste because i have scored an A for maths! HAHAHA YEAH! Last but not least, i hope you will achieve success in your future endeavors!

Deng Yun

Anderson JC, 2011

Dear Mr Wee, words are way too short to describe my appreciation for you . I think my best gift for you is to get a good result for math and be a person who is more willing to accept mistakes and patient to those who need me even if im busy. It is undeniable that I have learnt so much from you, not only math, but how to deal with problems in life as well. This exactly what makes you unique and great! Thank you for your tolerance, care and endless encouragement before, during and even after alevel! Your influence in us, at least in me is beyond description. Thank you. I apologise for repeatedly troubling you for solutions after lessons. You have sacrificed countless lunch time for Rebecca and I, we really appreciate it!!Hope our results will be gratifying and see you soon!!

Ng Li Hao

Nanyang JC, 2011

Thanks for the guidance and willingness to help me throughout the year for Math! I hope that you’ll maintain your passion to teach and continue learning along the way better methods of teaching to further improve and help more students. All the best for your future endeavors! Thanks once again.

Fion Ang

Serangoon JC, 2011

Mr Tan is a super encouraging teacher who will go all out for us even outside tuition.

He ensures that each and everyone of us understand every concept thoroughly before moving on to the next, patiently clarifying any doubts surfaced.

With his ever lasting love for physics, patience and constant encouragement, I managed to secure my A at the A Level. Thank you Mr Tan!

Jing Ying

Anglo-Chinese JC, 2011

My academics in JC was not as smooth sailing as I wished it would be!

However, having only started my H2 Mathematics tuition with the Eton Tuition Centre at the start of J2, I’ve seen improvements in my understanding of Math.

Mr Tan’s passion for the subject transcends into his teachings, and he patiently coaches and drills the topic into us. It was by no means a small feat to see such a large improvement, from an U to an A in the ‘A’ Level! Thank you Mr Tan!

Angela Ho

Saint Andrews JC, 2011

Mr Tan is a patient and dedicated tutor who always ensured that I understood the Physics concepts without fail. He even went the extra mile by compiling numerous comprehensive notes and resources for us to make studying Physics easier in addition to teaching us how to apply whatever have learnt to real life situations. Under his guidance, I was able to score an A for my Physics ‘A’ Levels!


Nanyang JC, 2011

The start of junior college was a harrowing experience for me. With no prior A maths background in secondary school, I thought to myself I am doomed to fail. I had heard horror stories of the big jump from E maths to H1 maths in JC.

That changed when I met Mr Tan. He kept reassuring me that it is possible to get good grades in maths even if one is not so mathematically-inclined.

His practice questions are top-notch and they are hand-picked for variety and difficulty. With his help, I did manage to get the desired A for H1 maths. Thanks Mr Tan!

Ho Jian Ming

Serangoon, 2010

I came to this tuition with an S and U grade for my H1 Physics throughout the whole of JC1 and a semester of JC2. Initially I could not grasp the concepts despite revising endlessly and I just cannot solve the physics questions. When I first join this tuition, my tutor identified my weak topics and provided practices to tackle these weak areas and corrected some misconceptions which I had. In just 4 months, I can feel that I have improved and I am able to help my friends in their physics as well. In all, I have learnt a lot from him within such a short period of time and I am very grateful for that. Thanks Mr. Tan!

Sydney Sim

Victoria JC, 2010

Eton has given me many practices and drills to help me prepare for my A Levels.

I believe that in the A Levels, just by understanding the concepts is not enough, the ability to apply the concepts in all the questions is even more crucial to ace the subject. And a concept can only be mastered through intensive practice and time trials which Eton has provided me during my J2 year.

My tutors for Maths and Physics have provided encouragement and support during my A level journey and has helped me tremendously by breaking down difficult concepts for me to understand.

I believe Eton Tuition Centre provides a good learning environment for every student to excel.


Meridian JC, 2010

Mr Tan is a patient and dedicated teacher who is willing to go all the way out to help his students, even outside of class.

Through the entire period of teaching me, along the way, he takes note of what I am consistently weak at as well as the common mistakes which I often make. With that, he constantly reminds me of my mistakes such that I become unconsciously careful with every step I take.

In addition, rather than providing us with the direct answers, he usually tears the question apart and lead us step by step to the answers themselves.

Furthermore, what I really like about his teaching methods is that he usually tears complicated topics apart, showing us how those concepts are actually easy to comprehend. As a result, we are better able to solve questions with a grasp on the concepts.


Victoria JC, 2010

Mr Tan is a very dedicated tutor and has a strong passion and commitment toward his students.

Mr Tan’s methodology not only includes the straightforward approach that schools undertake but also includes simpler, more effective methods of answering and checking.

I approached Mr Tan for help with my math after scoring just 13 out of 100 for my JC1 examinations. Even with my foundation not being solid,within just a few months Mr Tan helped me to improve not only that but also get me on to more challenging questions which slowly became a breeze.

His commitment to his students even extends to him having extra lessons during his free time to focus on topics that he finds the students need help with and such focus lessons have helped me clear doubts about topics as a whole quickly and efficiently.

With every lesson being made fun by Mr Tan’s outgoing nature, his lessons are ones I used to look forward too and with all of Mr Tan’s help i managed to secure a B grade for my prelims and hopefully and A for my A Levels.

All in all Mr Tan is a committed and devoted tutor that will definitely be able to help anyone!

Edwin Ang

Hougang Secondary

Fantastic teachers and excellent notes used by Eton have helped me improve my grade from D7 in mid-year exam to an A1 for A Maths in O levels. Thank you Eton!

Eleanor Loh

Hwa Chong Instituition

I didn’t think I had a head for Maths. But tuition at Eton helped me overcome this mental block to get an A which is great.

Timothy Tan

Monfort Secondary

The tutors here were great!

The lessons were always fun and since the class size is small, the tutors have ample time to cater to individual needs. I always get to ask my questions and have them answered.

Wei Kit

Compassvale Secondary

My tutor at Eton Tuition Centre teaches at a comfortable pace, so I will not feel shy or embarrassed to voice out any queries.

Amanda Chan

Tanjong Katong Girls School

Eton has good tutors who were determined to identify my weaknesses and help me work specifically on them.

Thank you!

Kun Liang

Compassvale Secondary

Eton had helped me pulled my grades from F9 to A1. I never thought it would be possible.

Thank you Eton, for this miracle! It would not be possible without my tutor at Eton. 

Shu Zhang

Hougang Secondary

You have helped me to improve my Maths from a Fail to a Pass over a short period of time.

I really enjoyed your lessons and have learned a lot from you. Thank you!

Loy Hui Kiat

Anderson JC

At Eton, I am able to approach my Maths tutor easily for clarification of the doubts I have in my Maths concepts, even after lessons.

He had not only educated me academically, but also psychologically.

Carmen Chow

Anderson JC

My tutor helped me to understand concepts, painstakingly cleared my doubts and taught me time management techniques.

He was very patient, encouraging and made me feel that I had the potential to excel in Maths. Indeed, I eventually scored a B at the A Level even though I had not done too well throughout my JC years.

Vance Lum

Victoria Secondary

My English and Maths tutors are both very friendly and approachable, making it very easy for me to clarify any doubts I have in my work before, during and after lessons.

Alicia Ho

CHIJ Toa Payoh, Sec 4

Eton gives a holistic approach to studies where students go through an informative, intensive and interactive programme.

I found it much easier to grasp Physics concepts and scored an A1 eventually.


Sec 5 student

My tutor was very patient and has never failed to make his tuition sessions fun and enjoyable. He expresses various approaches problem solving and ensures that the student is able to understand the problem solving technique of the respective questions. The topics covered during the session follows the syllabus of “O” level and he facilitates his students well minimizing common mistakes made during examinations. His assistance was greatly appreciated!” Eugene, Sec 5