Nothing means more to us than hearing from our satisfied students about how our services helped them overcome their academic challenges. 

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“I’m no longer afraid of Math and Science.”

Since Primary 5, I have been struggling with Math and Science. I heard people said how tough P5 was and I didn’t believe it, until I received my SA1 results. Ryan helped to analyse my papers and told me he will not give up on me. During our lessons, he would go through the essence of every topic and guide me. When I find myself being able to solve most of the questions, he would challenge me to higher order thinking questions. 

I remember I was under so much stress nearing PSLE. Not only Ryan didn’t give up on me, he encouraged me and came up with different variety of questions to help me understand how to apply the answering technique better.  During PSLE, I was able to do most of the questions! I got into my dream school Temasek Secondary, thank you, Ryan.



“He explains and I get it.” 

I was struggling in all my subjects since Primary 5. Ryan is a very patient tutor. He will keep explaining the big idea behind the questions and push us to think deeper. He also stretched us by getting us to think of interesting problem sums related to our lives.

I remember whenever I was stuck with my school work, Ryan would explain it using an easier method and that helped me to be able to complete everything after that. My family has always been worried that I would not be able to get into ACS in secondary school. But after Ryan’s lessons, I feel more confident about PSLE. 

I’m glad to receive my secondary school posting – ACS! Thank you Ryan for everything. I will always remember how you taught me to put in the hard work consistently so that I would never have to rush.



“I am no longer stressed.”

 I am disappointed every time when I take back my papers. I studied hard and remembered all my concepts. But during every “Meet The Parents” session, my teacher would tell my parents I have to try harder.  

During our lessons, Ryan would always looked through my school work and home work and advised me what to look out for. I enjoy his lessons a lot. When I don’t understand a concept, he would explain to me patiently and then teach me how to apply it correctly in the question. 

After learning his method, I am no longer stressed for PSLE. My answers in Science are no longer long-winded but they are direct and answer the question effectively. For Math, I am able to use model-drawing to solve the problem sums. 

Because of Ryan, I was able to go to my dream school – Nan Chiau High. Thank you, Ryan 



From Raiyan's mummy, 

“Mummy, I get it now!”

I met Ryan at the dental clinic I was working at in August. When I heard him sharing about his profession, I quickly got him to tutor my boy, Raiyan as he was failing in all subjects. I was so worried that he might get retained in Primary 6. I was even thinking it would be good if he just made it to Normal Technical stream.

Ryan guided him patiently and taught him all the concepts. Raiyan was thrilled after his lessons and he would always tell me, “Mummy, I get it now!” I know my boy is in safe hands when I see his class test results improve. Thank you, Ryan, my son did so well and he managed to get into the Normal Academic stream!




“I no longer lose marks over open-ended questions!”

Ryan taught me for three months before PSLE. During our lessons, he would go through the open-ended questions in depth and explained what are they asking for. Ryan also shared methods that I can apply immediately in my work. From there, I realise there is no need to write more in order to score more, but answer the question directly to score the most.  

Ryan also took time to help me with my Math school work even though I only attended his Science lesson. He also guided me in my DSA interview process, helped to refine my interview answers and prayed for me. 

I'm glad to have secured entry into Singapore Chinese Girls' School with a score of 262. My most memorable time with the class was playing at Universal Studios Singapore and Bounce Inc. together!



From Daryl's mummy,

“He looks forward to Ryan’s lesson every time.” 

My boy Daryl was struggling to pass his Mathematics and Science since Primary 5. The concepts seem so tough for him to handle and marks were often lost for lack of keywords in answers. I got to know Ryan through my friends. I saw the testimonials written by parents and pupils on his Instagram and Facebook and I approached him to teach Daryl.

Ryan’s lessons are very engaging and Daryl looks forward to his lesson every time. There were times when my boy needed help in his school work. Ryan helped to explain and guide him through the concept tested behind the questions. He also extended his learning by crafting extra questions which are similar to those questions in his school worksheet to build Daryl’s confidence.

Ryan also brought Daryl to Universal Studios Singapore and Bounce Inc. with his tuition classmates after PSLE.

They enjoyed themselves    tremendously &  I am so glad to see the photos of them having fun. Daryl was aiming for his dream score of 210 but he got more 221. I’m proud of Daryl and thank you Ryan for your patience with him.