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Experience the Eton Effect

Primary school learning should be enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

Our lessons are designed to be engaging, interactive, and fun. 
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What goes on during lesson



Difficult concepts are engaged head-on during lessons by simplification.

Your child will experience and understand how learning could be easily broken down into digestible pieces. This is a study method that is applicable throughout your child's learning journey for life.



Peer interaction allows for discussions between your child and other students of similar ages.

This helps to build up your child's confidence in speaking and presenting questions in front of others.



Learning isn't just about numbers, questions and answers. It is about exploration and appreciation.

e.g. Your child will have first-hand experience of using a stethoscope to listen to his/her heartbeat, and infer that physical exercises could result in an increase in heart rate.

Ryan’s lessons are

very engaging

Florence, Mummy of Daryl, Hong Wen Pri School

Ryan’s lessons are very engaging and Daryl looks forward to his lesson every time. There were times when my boy needed help in his school work. Ryan helped to explain and guide him through the concepts tested behind the questions. He also extended his learning by crafting extra questions which are similar to those questions in his school worksheet to build Daryl’s confidence.

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