Concepts-Identify-Analyse Methodology

Over 3000 students have benefited from it

Step 1: Concepts - the basic foundations before an A1
We strengthen students' concepts using a four step process.

#1: Defining the concept - What is it about?

#2: Positive Examples - This helps students understand what is relevant to the concept just learned.

#3: Negative Examples - Students will also understand what is not relevant, and this helps students to avoid "trap questions" in exams.

#4: Thinking Questions - We ask the right trigger questions to stimulate students to think critically and discover loopholes in their conceptual understanding. 

The majority of inexperienced educators stop at this step. "Scoring is all about understanding concepts" is something they usually say. 

However, based on our extensive experience, we know that it isn't true. Truth is, just knowing the concepts well is still insufficient for students to score their As. That brings us to the next step...
Step 2: Identify - knowing the questions before the exams
Examination questions are always set in specific patterns, and extremely experienced educators all know that. 

That's why at Eton, we consolidate different question patterns for each topic, and guide students to recognise and identify each question pattern and their corresponding "textbook solutions".

This eliminates the "I studied, but I never see this question before" syndrome that commonly plague many students.

Step 3: Analyse - the thinking process behind the A1 answers
It is never about just about memorising formulas and definitions to produce the final solutions - most lazy educators stop at here. If it works, all that students need for doing well would be mindlessly drilling a basic compilation of questions and worked solutions. 

What really matters... is the thinking process behind getting the correct solutions. 

At Eton, we do not just give students worked solutions. We guide them through a systematic and consistent thinking process to getting the proper solution.
How effective is our methodology? Hear from our past students...

Jessie Ng

Edgefield Sec, 2017

My Maths grade was usually quite unstable in secondary school so I started lessons to help cope with the subject better. I was scoring either a B4 or C5 but after attending Mr Jack’s lessons, my grade started to improve. He would prepare certain questions for us to try out from different school papers to ensure that we understood the concept of those questions.

When I had difficulties solving questions in examination papers given by my school, Mr Jack would take the effort to guide me into the thinking process without directly giving me the answer, allowing me to learn as I attempt to derive the solution on my own. His unique teaching method helped me to understand that Math is not only about finding the answer but the thinking process and concepts are equally important as well.

After we received back our exam papers, Mr Jack will also take the time to go through the doubts faced in each of our papers and let the other students try to attempt the questions. This allows for more exposure to questions that may not appear in assessment books and also clarifies the doubts that other students may face when attempting the same question.

Bill Kirankumar

St Joseph Institution, 2017

Previously, I was unsure of what exactly Physics questions were asking and was not able to comprehend the requirements of questions properly. Thus, I would always write my answers beyond what was necessary. This was a huge drawback as I was wasting a lot of time during my examinations.

Mr Tan's worksheets on explanation questions guided me and the other students on how to properly breakdown a question. There was a step-by-step guiding process which guided us through an analytical process where we identify the key ideas, then connect them to come up with an answer which is consistent and clear.​

After Mr Tan taught us this method, it proved very useful in terms of clearer thought process and presentation. I have saved a lot of time and effort ever since.

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