Lower Secondary Lessons

Lower Secondary

Transitioning your child from Primary to Secondary

Every student is significant. We believe in winning the heart and mind of every student through our caring system. The student is first believed in, then belonged to, and finally blossomed in maturity. This builds their self-esteem and promotes self-efficacy.

Lower Secondary Mathematics

Find the value of x, but y? Welcome to lower secondary Mathematics, where Algebra rule and reign.

Transiting from the model-based curriculum in primary math to the algebraic approach of secondary school is a challenge.

At Eton Juniors, our progressive curriculum ensures that no one is left behind. Students build up their knowledge and competency in the way they learn best. Our teaching approach is student-centric, it is centred around these learning modalities; kinesthetic (moving), visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and tactile (touching).

With a robust caring system beyond the class, we’re committed to realising our students’ full potential.

Lower Secondary Science

A firm foundation in lower secondary science helps students transit to upper secondary science specialisation with ease.

With students expected to be proficient in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in time for major examinations. Lower secondary Science does not follow a fixed syllabus and the depth of content for each topic differs from school to school, leading to potential gaps in learning.

Eton Juniors conduct classes using our wholesome syllabus and cover the learning gaps with higher order thinking questions. Students win both ways; they gain a strong headstart before embarking on the chapter in school and have their knowledge reinforced while going through the chapter.

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- Michael Andrews

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