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Why Choose Eton?

For over 15 years, we guide students to discover their passion for learning in life. We help them towards their “how”, reshape their “why” and build a growth mindset. 

Each week, our education specialists deliver well-thought lessons with clarity. We believe in helping our students achieve “the flow” – a state of mind where concepts can be applied seamlessly with a systematic thought process and defined by a coherent decision-making process. This helps them become confident learners and independent thinkers.

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I started off at Eton Education since Primary 5, with a grade of B in Math and Science. Ryan taught me to organise my thought process and this helps me to be effective in problem-solving. He also helped to look through all my exam papers and analysed my areas for improvement constantly. 

Nearing PSLE, I was texting him the questions I had problems with, and the solutions I have came up with, Ryan would always help me improve by helping me clarify my method and refining it together with me. 

I remember fondly of my memories with this class as Ryan brought us to Universal Studios Singapore and Bounce Inc. to reward us and celebrate our success. Thank you Ryan for everything. Because of you, I was able to score 254 and enter my dream school; River Valley High School.      

Rochelle PSLE 2020

West View Primary


I have often lost marks due to poor presentation of answers, and this made me unable to score the grades I really wanted. Mr Tan noted my weaknesses and even stayed back after lessons to personally tutor and clarify all of my doubts.

Extra resources with carefully picked questions were given with the objective to build our foundations in the different topics. Certain worksheets were also done in class under timed conditions to train our speed in answering questions. With his help I was able to secure my dream A in my A levels.

Definitely recommended!

Yan Kai A Level 2017

Meridian Junior College

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