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More than 5000 lives have been impacted.

-our vision-

Eton Education aims to be the top-of-mind for all parents & students who wished to receive quality teachings & advice in Maths & Science.

To provide positive learning experiences and impacting lives through differentiated learning strategies, sharing and books.

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Jack has over 15 years of teaching experience. Armed with a degree in Economics and as an ex-banker, he specialises in Secondary School Maths (Lower and Upper), Principle of Accounts, JC H2 Maths and JC H2 Economics. Known as the teacher of teachers, he has been invited on multiple occasions to official schools in China to share how mathematics is taught in Singapore. He also led the Chinese division in curriculum planning and conducted elementary school teacher training for the teachers on teaching based on a student-centric pedagogical framework. Formerly a Mathematics Subject Head in a few private educational institutions, over 95% of the students in the A maths classes he taught scored an A1 over the years.



Jun Wei has over 18 years of teaching experience. Armed with a first class Honours in Electrical Engineering from NUS, he specialises in Upper Secondary Physics, JC H2 Physics, and JC H2 Maths, and oversees the curriculum for Upper Sec Physics, A level Physics and A level Maths. He was also the recipient of multiple awards, including being on twice on NUS Dean's List, a Honourable Mention from the 2nd Asian Physics Olympiad in Taiwan in 2001 (ranked Asia 39th), Excellence in A Level Physics 2001 (awarded only to the top 10 scorers of the cohort), and a distinction in the American Mathematics Competition. He was also a trainer for different schools for the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad and Singapore Physics Olympiad, with one school achieving "Best Non-IP school award" in 2010. Over the years, many students have been benefited greatly from his lessons.


Centre Manager

Having began his journey of tutoring at 17, Ryan received his teaching accreditation from National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He has over 15 years of mentoring experience in the private education sector and 8 years of teaching experience in the public education sector. During his tenure in the public education arena, he has crafted and implemented bold curriculum plans for the primary level in the disciplines of English, Mathematics and Science. He has received the Most Caring Teacher Award and numerous awards for his innovative and relevant teaching styles. Over 1000 P6 pupils have attained their desired secondary school posting up to date because of his teaching.