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Secondary A/E Maths Student 2019


Xinmin Sec, 2019

Before I joined Eton Tuition, I was constantly unable to grasp maths concepts well and felt that maths was a very very tough subject. To be exact, the TOUGHEST. Fortunately, I started tuition here and Mr Jack helped in gaining my confidence and understanding towards both E Math and A Math. Well, I started with F9 and E8 respectively and with every tests, both my confidence and grades improved: ) eventually landing me with an A2 for both!!

Lessons are both enjoyable and fruitful. Mr Jack has his unique ways of ensuring that we REMEMBER the mistakes we make and not to repeat them, and also to keep us alert. He might be scary sometimes, but his intentions are always clear for all to see. In times of need, he would give us small pep talks to help and motivate us. These pep talks and slight scoldings he gives are always enlightening. It is with no doubt that both the pep talks and scoldings enabled me to push myself further.

JC H2 Maths Student 2019


Nanyang JC, 2019

Before I joined Mr Jack's classes, I averaged an E for H2 maths. It was a subject I didn't have much interest in because I thought it was too dry and difficult to grasp. However, after joining Eton, I realised that maths was much clearer and simpler that it was made out to be, as long as you have tutors that can explain complex concepts simply and provide ample practices.

Mr Jack's classes are informative and practical, focusing on the key skills required to answer questions.

Mr Jack also takes time and is very patient with all his students and ensured that they understand the content before moving on.

Mr Jack is a great tutor and I am lucky to have him tutor me mathematics.

Note: Bhanuka scored A for H2 Maths, 2019

Secondary Pure Physics Student 2019

Loi Chin

Cedar Girls, 2019

I have always liked Physics as a subject and enjoy lessons but I could not seem to grasp the concepts which resulted in my poor school results.

After joining Eton Tuition Centre, Mr Tan guided me through my weak topics through the use of notes and worksheets which he personally created. I found the materials very useful as they targeted the problems that students commonly face in school and enabled me to tackle such questions.

Mr Tan never fails to make lessons interesting and engaging by using real life situations and objects to explain concepts. Previously, I never believed that I would be able to pass Physics but Mr Tan was always encouraging and believed in me. I am extremely grateful for his guidance throughout the past 1 and a half years and am happy to have achieved a B3 for my ‘O Levels from a F9 in my Sec 3 MYE exam. Thank you Mr Tan!! 😀

JC H2 Physics Student 2019


Hwa Chong Instituition, 2019

Personally, picking up and understanding the fundamentals of Physics was not something very natural to me and at the beginning can be difficult to visualise.

I remember the first trial lesson I had where Mr Tan drew up a simple model for me to understand the conservation of energy. While it was only a short trial lesson, the model helped me be able to tackle my final year questions regarding that topic.

After joining Eton physics, I discover that Mr Tan often thinks of simpler models to teach physics and also shares different real-world applications of physics theory, which further sparks my interest in the subject. Occasionally, Mr Tan buys physics equipment to give some hands-on learning experience.

Overall, Mr Tan's teaching has helped me build a solid foundation in physics, which led me to be able to more easily visualise physics problems in a way that I could understand and solve quickly after a certain period of practice.