Hello Mr Leo
Thank you for teaching me for the past 2 years which enabled me to get A1 for both E and A Maths! Your math drills and time trials helped improve my speed and sharpen my thinking! Im now able to get into my dream JC! Thank you so much!!



Anderson Secondary

Hi Mr Tan! I’d just like to express my gratitude to you for teaching me physics! (I actually improved from D7 in sec 3 SA2 to like an average of A2 in sec 4, so I’m really thankful T^T) I’m sorry I didn’t get your precious A1 though!!! ><  Thankss a lot anws!!


Wan Xin

Hougang Secondary O Level Top Student

Im really glad that Ive joined Eton for my math tuition. As you know, my math was real bad during my lower sec days and I never dreamt that I can achieve distinction for both E maths and A maths for my O leve, let alone being the top student of my school. Thank you!



Catholic JC

Hi Mr Tan, I just wanted to tell you that Ive decided to study electrical engineering at NUS. Just wanted to say thank you for being such an awesome teacher and your influence has played a role in deciding which course I wanted to take. Anyway, all the best and Ill try to recommend juniors I know to you 🙂

Lee Cheng

Mr Wee is a very caring and hardworking teacher. He comes into class earlier and leaves later so that we can ask questions pertaining to other topics. He is also very meticulous in his marking, making sure to check every piece of our work and making sure that our presentation is correct. He constantly seeks for more sources to expose us to a greater variety of questions and also searches for more effective ways of solving questions. Not only showing concern towards our school work, he also makes sure that we stay healthy by reminding us to drink more water and giving us lozenges when any of us starts coughing.


Yun Shan

Yio Chu Kang Secondary

Dear Mr Rick,  谢谢你! Thanks for always giving me advice whenever I needed help. You are always giving me suggestions and I appreciate them a lot! Even though I joined Eton for less than a year, it has helped me improved my grades so much. Thanks for always supporting me and not giving up on me once ? and I believe this tuition centre will become more famous with these awesome tutors. See you soon and all the best. Good luck!


Yun Shan

Yio Chu Kang Secondary

Dear Mr Yong, A very big thank you to you for helping me in my studies especially my A Math. Although I have always scored a F9 for my A Math, you didnt give up on me or lose your temper before but continue to teach me patiently. Through your hard work and efforts, I have gotten a B3 for my O Level despite failing my A Math during my prelims. Even though it is not the best result, I am already very happy and satisfied. I am truthfully thankful to you and the tuition centre for guiding me through this path. You are the best tuition teacher Ive ever had. Stay cheerful always and all the best for everything! ? 谢谢你!


Lee Cheng

Mr Tan has been a really great teacher. His passion and love for physics greatly shows and made the subject less daunting to me. He is very dedicated in his teaching, often taking out time to give us extra lessons and consultation whenever we require it. He also often seeks to improve his methods of teaching so that we will learn better, coming up with smartphone apps and consolidating his notes so that it will be easier for us to revise. It wouldnt be possible to get my grades without his help. ”


Jing Ying

Anglo Chinese JC

My academics in JC was not as smooth sailing as I wished it would be! However, having only started my H2 Mathematics tuition with the centre at the start of J2, I’ve seen improvements in my understanding of Math. My tutor’s passion for the subject transcends into his teachings, and he patiently coaches and drills the topic into us. It was by no means a small feat to see such a large improvement, from an U to an A in the ‘A’ Level! Thank you Eton!” Jing Ying, ACJC H2 Maths!

Fion Ang

Serangoon JC

Mr tan is a super encouraging teacher who will go all out for us even outside tuition. He ensures that each and everyone of us understand every concept thoroughly before moving on to the next, patiently clarifying any doubts surfaced. With his ever lasting love for physics, patience and constant encouragement, I managed to secure my A. Thank you Mr Tan!”  Fion Ang, SRJC H1 Physics

Nurul Ameerah

Before joining Eton, I was terrible at Additional Mathematics; I disliked practicing it, kept failing my class tests. After I joined Eton, my tutor changed my perspective of learning Maths. He taught me patiently and explained a problem thoroughly till I understood fully. He helped me clear my doubts and I had no problem after that. My tutor has helped me achieve my dreams of having an A1 for my Maths. Thank you so much!”

Angela Ho

Saint Andrews JC

“Mr Tan is a patient and dedicated tutor who always ensured that I understood the Physics concepts without fail. He even went the extra mile by compiling notes and resources for us to make studying Physics easier in addition to teaching us how to apply whatever have learnt to real life situations. Under his guidance, I was able to score an A for my Physics ‘A’ Levels!”  Angela Ho, SAJC H2 Physics


The start of junior college was a harrowing experience for me. With no prior A maths background in secondary school, I thought to myself I am doomed to fail. I had heard horror stories of the big jump from E maths to H1 maths in JC. That changed when I met Mr Tan. He kept reassuring me that it is possible to get good grades in maths even if one is not so mathematically-inclined. His practice questions are top-notch and they are hand-picked for variety and difficulty. With his help, I did manage to get the desired A for H1 maths. Thanks Mr Tan!



Meridien JC

Mr Tan is a patient and dedicated teacher who is willing to go all the way out to help his students, even outside of class. Through the entire period of teaching me, along the way, he takes note of what I am consistently weak at as well as the common mistakes which I often make. With that, he constantly reminds me of my mistakes such that I become unconsciously careful with every step I take. In addition, rather than providing us with the direct answers, he usually tears the question apart and lead us step by step to the answers themselves. Furthermore, what I really like about his teaching methods is that he usually tears complicated topics apart, showing us how those concepts are actually easy to comprehend. As a result, we are better able to solve questions with a grasp on the concepts.”


Sydney Sim

Victoria JC

Eton has given me many practices and drills to help me prepare for my A Levels. I believe that in the A Levels, just by understanding the concepts is not enough, the ability to apply the concepts in all the questions is even more crucial to ace the subject. And a concept can only be mastered through intensive practice and time trials which Eton has provided me during my J2 year. My tutor has provided encouragement and support during my A level journey and has helped me tremendously by breaking down difficult concepts for me to understand. I believe Eton Tuition Centre provides a good learning environment for every student to excel.”  Sydney Sim, VJC J2 Maths and Physics


Victoria JC

Mr Tan is a very dedicated tutor and has a strong passion and commitment toward his students. Mr Tan’s methodology not only includes the straightforward approach that schools undertake but also includes simpler, more effective methods of answering and checking. I approached Mr Tan for help with my math after scoring just 13 out of 100 for my JC1 examinations. Even with my foundation not being solid,within just a few months Mr Tan helped me to improve not only that but also get me on to more challenging questions which slowly became a breeze. His commitment to his students even extends to him having extra lessons during his free time to focus on topics that he finds the students need help with and such focus lessons have helped me clear doubts about topics as a whole quickly and efficiently. With every lesson being made fun by Mr Tan’s outgoing nature, his lessons are ones I used to look forward too and with all of Mr Tan’s help i managed to secure a B grade for my prelims and hopefully and A for my A Levels. All in all Mr Tan is a commited and devoted tutor that will definitely be able to help anyone!


Edwin Ang

Fantastic teachers and excellent notes used by Eton have helped me improve my grade from D7 in mid-year exam to an A1 for A Maths in O levels. Thank you Eton!” Edwin Ang, Sec 4

Eleanor Loh

Hwa Chong JC

I didn’t think I had a head for Maths. But tuition at Eton helped me overcome this mental block to get an A which is great.

Timothy Tan

Montfort Secondary

Tutors here were great! The lessons are always fun and since the class is small, the tutors have ample time to cater to individual needs.

Wei Kit

Compassvale Secondary School

Her teaching is also at a comfortable pace, so I will not feel shy or embarrassed to voice out any queries.


Tanjong Katong Grils School

Eton has good tutors who were determined to find out my weaknesses and help me work on them.” Amanda Chan, Tanjong Katong Girls School, Sec 4

Kun Liang

Compassvale Secondary

Eton had helped me pulled my grades from F9 to A1.Thank you Eton, for this miracle!” Kun Liang. Compassvale Sec School, Sec 4

Shu Zhuang

Hougang Secondary

You have helped me to improve my Maths from a Fail to a Pass… I really enjoyed your lessons.” Shu Zhuang, Hougang Sec School, Sec 4

Leonard Saw

Compassvale Secondary

My Maths started to show good result within the first month of his coaching” Leonard Saw, Compassvale Sec School, Sec 4

Loy Hui Kiat

Anderson JC

I am able to approach him easily for clarification of the doubts I have in the Maths concepts, even after lessons. He had not only educated me academically, but also psychologically.” Loy Hui Kiat, Anderson JC, JC2

Carmen Chow

Anderson JC

My tutor helped me to understand concepts, painstakingly cleared my doubts and taught me time management techniques. He was very patient, encouraging and made me feel that I had the potential to excel in Maths.” Carmen Chow, Anderson JC, JC 2

Vance Lum

Victoria Secondary

My English and Maths tutors are both very friendly and approachable, making it very easy for me to clarify any doubts I have in my work” Vance Lum, Victoria Sec School, Sec 4

Alicia Ho

CHIJ Toa Payoh

Eton gives a holistic approach to studies where students go through an informative and interactive programme. I found it easier to grasp Physics concepts.” Alicia Ho, CHIJ Toa Payoh, Sec 4


My tutor was very patient and has never failed to make his tuition sessions fun and enjoyable. He expresses various approaches problem solving and ensures that the student is able to understand the problem solving technique of the respective questions. The topics covered during the session follows the syllabus of “O” level and he facilitates his students well minimizing common mistakes made during examinations. His assistance was greatly appreciated!” Eugene, Sec 5



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